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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to real estate Owners and/or Operators?

There is NO cost for Procurement, Contract Management and Data Services.

How does Connexus get paid when using the Procurement Services?

The awarded Supplier pays Connexus a monthly fee for OpEx contracts and/or a 1-time fee for CapEx contracts.

Why would an Owner or Operator use other Suppliers if/when they have preferred Suppliers already?

Connexus understands that bidding out proposals takes time and can work with the Owner or Operator’s existing or preferred Suppliers. If additional or new Suppliers are desired in the RFP process, Connexus vets other Suppliers that will meet the RFP requirements.

Who awards the contract?

The Owner or Operator awards the contract. Connexus provides them with 3-5 bids based on the SOW and is agnostic in the process.

What if the Owner or Operator is happy with their current Supplier and does not want to bid a contract out?

Connexus is completely malleable for the Owner or Operator based on each property and service. Owners and Operators can select which service(s) and how many of their properties they would like Connexus to run the RFP process for.

Is there a cost to be set up as a Supplier with Connexus?

There is no membership fee to be set up as a Supplier with Connexus and no cost to participate in the bid process.

What if a Supplier already works with an Owner or Operator of a property that is contracted with Connexus?

If the Owner or Operator has contracted with Connexus to run the bid process at the specified property and for the specified service(s), the Supplier will be responsible for paying Connexus their associated fee.

What does a Supplier need in order to be part of the bidding process?

A Supplier will need insurance limits that will meet the requirements of the Owner and/or Operator.

Can a Supplier share that they are part of the Connexus platform?

Yes. Suppliers are allowed social media rights promoting the partnership with Connexus.

Are Suppliers limited to the number of bids they can participate in?


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