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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Connexus get paid when using the Procurement Services?

The compensation structure for the Vendor involves a modest fee paid by the Client

Why would an Owner or Operator use other Vendors if/when they have preferred Vendors already?

Connexus understands that bidding out proposals takes time and can work with the Owner or Operator’s existing or preferred Vendors. If additional or new Vendors are desired in the RFP process, Connexus vets other Vendors that will meet the RFP requirements.

Who awards the contract?

The Owner or Operator awards the contract. Connexus provides them with 3-5 bids based on the SOW and is agnostic in the process.

What if the Owner or Operator is happy with their current Vendor and does not want to bid a contract out?

Connexus is completely malleable for the Owner or Operator based on each property and service. Owners and Operators can select which service(s) and how many of their properties they would like Connexus to run the RFP process for.

Is there a cost to be set up as a Vendor with Connexus?

There is no membership fee to be set up as a Vendor with Connexus and no cost to participate in the bid process.

What if a Vendor already works with an Owner or Operator of a property that is contracted with Connexus?

If the vendor is already engaged with the client, the vendor is not obligated to pay Connexus. Instead, Connexus will receive payment directly from the client.

What does a Vendor need in order to be part of the bidding process?

A Vendor will need insurance limits that will meet the requirements of the Owner and/or Operator.

Can a Vendor share that they are part of the Connexus platform?

Yes. Vendors are allowed social media rights promoting the partnership with Connexus.

Are Vendors limited to the number of bids they can participate in?


This is a staging environment

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