Connexus and ASM partner to optimize the RFP process in real estate

Connexus Living, the nation’s leading no-cost procurement and request for proposal (RFP) company in the real estate sector, announced today that it is partnering with Ancillary Services Management (ASM) to create a better proposal experience for owners and operators nationwide. These two companies will bring together decades of experience to increase net operating income (NOI) for owners on any contract that happens at an asset level.

“We are so proud to partner with this leading organization. Our partnership could not come at a more exciting time as we continue to see significant growth within the real estate sector,” said Connexus Living Co-Founder and COO Joe Summers. “The ASM team has a tremendous rapport and a stellar reputation within the industry. Their services are not only complementary to our offerings but allow owners to now bid out any contract at the site level, optimizing their ability to generate ancillary income.”

Our partnership with Connexus Living will enable us to eliminate that burden and provide our clients with a full array of offerings to further drive their bottom line.

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Founded in 2003, ASM is the leading provider of professionally negotiated and managed amenities, contract management, and ancillary services. ASM offers its clients insight and understanding regarding a multitude of services and programs, access to contacts in the industry that have been finely honed over time, and the ability to negotiate quality agreements. Its services alleviate the need for owners/managers to conduct extensive due diligence on prospective service providers as well as removing the need to negotiate the terms and conditions of each contract. ASM’s expertise in contract negotiations and its keen eye on market trends ensures all services are competitive and fit into the daily operations of leasing and managing a property.

“I could not be more excited about this partnership,” said CEO and Founder of ASM Andrew Smith. “The RFP process has always been cumbersome and frustrating. As the industry deals with continued labor issues, teams are taxed more than ever, putting an even greater burden on them to complete an RFP. Our partnership with Connexus Living will enable us to eliminate that burden and provide our clients with a full array of offerings to further drive their bottom line.”

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About Connexus Living:
Since inception in 2022, Connexus Living is the premier RFP company that drives NOI for owners and operators across the country. With over 40,000 units on the platform, their focus is to create operational and financial efficiencies for everyone.

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About ASM:
Since inception in 2003, ASM is the premier ancillary service management company whose mission is to help managers and owners increase revenues, improve efficiencies, and enhance resident services. ASM has over 200,000+ units under their umbrella; a proven track record for improving client’s NOI. ASM ensures peace of mind for its clients on ancillary agreements so they may focus on their core business responsibilities.

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