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Melissa Wirt is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Connexus, a company that focuses on creating financial and operational efficiencies for real estate owners, operators, and suppliers. Connexus aims to enhance revenue for real estate owners and operators while providing them with a return on time and revenue share. Additionally, they help suppliers lower customer acquisition costs; the business model involves Connexus receiving a nominal fee from the client. Trusted by leading real estate owners and operators, Connexus strives to optimize industry procurement processes. “I believe that in order for both vendors and owner/operators to be successful, we have to provide them visibility and confidence into the bidding process,” says Melissa. “While I bring a unique look to the Company, we couldn’t do this without the entire team.”

Connexus was started to help empower vendors to expand their businesses while driving profitability for owners. Our Founding Team comprises seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced real estate operators who consistently encounter recurring challenges related to time and financial constraints. Our platform effectively addresses these issues for all stakeholders, and we are excited for the future. “I believe in prioritizing people. By guiding team members with compassion, they are empowered to become leaders who uphold the same values. This fosters a strong internal culture within our team and delivers an unparalleled customer experience.” explains Melissa. “We are able to create the best solution with the right mindset because our team members are aligned with similar goals and purposes.”

Connexus creates financial and operational efficiencies for real estate Owners, Operators, and Suppliers.

Melissa and her team’s focus lies in remedying the issue of centralization for Owners and Operators. Optimizing operational efficiency is paramount, given the current elevated interest and insurance rates. Connexus serves to centralize various elements for our clients, offering them a streamlined solution to navigate these challenges effectively. The platform drives profitability through its four core verticals: OpEx & CapEx Procurement, Contract Management, Data Analysis, and Insurance Compliance for the real estate industry. “What sets our platform apart is our ability to meticulously compare bids at the local, regional, and portfolio levels, ensuring that our clients secure the most competitive pricing available. Simultaneously, we are giving back Operators on average over 8 hours of time per service bid out, while tailoring service scopes to precisely match their portfolio needs,” elucidates Melissa. “Furthermore, our distinctive approach involves aggregating data across regions, enabling our clients to streamline deal underwriting processes and gain valuable insights into their operational performance within their respective markets. This comprehensive suite of services positions Connexus as a transformative partner in the real estate industry.”

In addition to streamlining client procurement and contracting processes, Connexus has revolutionized what was traditionally viewed as a non-revenue generating and labor-intensive task into a structured process that generates revenue. By leveraging the Connexus platform, clients achieve greater efficiency and capitalize on opportunities to generate income, turning what was once a tedious venture into a lucrative aspect of their operations.

Connexus continues to look at ways to partner with Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses (MWOB) as it realizes that when it can offer a platform that brings business leaders of well-represented and underrepresented groups together, it will provide a better product to the customers. “Our goals are constantly learning and evolving to be a better leader. At Connexus, we believe that each team member has certain competencies, and I am excited to learn from others while they hopefully learn from me as well.” concludes Melissa.

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